365PROJECT – 135 Bryan

The Royal Sydney Easter Show
Olympic Park SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 2012 Apr
35mm – f2.8 – 1/80 – iso640.

Yesterday I had a breakthrough with this project, but today I would say not so much.
You wake up every morning with a different perspective of life. Today you will care more about your partner or kids then you did yesterday, but this would not change who you are, only how you do things everyday.
If you care enough your day will go slowly and with joy, but if you care less you go in life with the feeling of not achieving much, this is just my opinion.
In todays photo there is something missing, and perhaps it is only missing from my point of view. A family member or friend of Bryan might look at the photo and love it, but just because he or she already know his story. I don’t. I just know that his name is Bryan and he is a farmer. The same thing you are seeing in this photo now.
Today I am guilty of that, guilty of not knowing.

We move forward in life sometimes caring so much for people we already love, and not paying enough attention to what others may have to say or feel.

We love people because we know their stories… as photographers we should make sure that a photo always has something to say beyond the colours, black and white or sepia style… “We are here to make photos not to take them” (I heard a photographer say that once).

If you’ve read that far I just want to thank you so much… and hopefully I don’t turn you off with either, what I write or how many spelling and grammar mistakes I may have written. I would love your honesty if you tell me what has been written is terribly wrong 🙂

I always wanted to write but stopped myself for being afraid of failing to communicate or for making too many mistakes. I think that the fear should be pushed away and I can learn by just doing it. (and having a little help from my wife to edit the obvious mistakes 🙂 )

Thanks Thanks Thanks….



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