365PROJECT – 134 Julie

Pitt Street Mall SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 2012 Apr
194mm – f7.1 – 1/160 – iso1600.

Oh Julie, You’ve almost made me cry…

I had already taken my photo for this project, but something wasn’t right, something put me in the need to wander around the quiet Saturday in the streets of this city… I’ve walked in empty streets, without music, just with the sound of empty office buildings, with the sound of a camera inside my bag. I believed for a moment that It was just me in this world, the loneliness was just fine.
I’ve felt the need to pass by Pitt street mall, there you were with your soul wearing a hat, in the middle of hundreds of people, but I saw you and you didn’t see me. I really wanted to take a photo of you, but you were busy talking to a man, a young woman and stroking a dalmatian, to my eyes they were your husband and daughter, they were part of your heart and soul… my camera exposure was right for you, but you were still busy… and I waited for a while, until you were alone again.
I’ve never felt so relaxed to come over to somebody and talk so fluent, fluency is not my style, and there I was telling you that I love your hat, the one of a bunch that you make by hand… and then silence came and you were telling me that you just wanted to die, that you felt so lonely… If I didn’t cry then, I am now while I am writing.
Your husband, the young woman and the dalmatian dog, to my eyes, they never existed in your life. They just were people like me, trying to see through you… your real husband died 12 years ago, and there you were begging to the death to take you with him, we’ve changed subject quickly and enjoyed the music coming from a busker and the chances to dance came to your mind…
Sometimes I dare to be a photographer, a writer but sometimes I just want to be there, to listen to understand…
We became friends, and we are going to be forever friends…

With just a name exchanged, with no phone numbers

Julie thanks for giving me one of the most amazing days in this project… I hope to meet you again



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