365PROJECT – 215 Ian

McMahons Point, Sydney AUSTRALIA 2012 Jul – 35mm – f2.8 – 1/125 – iso200.

Yes, when I was very young I played football, and sometimes I wished I had the opportunity to meet some of my favourites players and pitched them to give me at least the shoe laces of their boots.

I have always dreamed, I have always put pictures in my mind. I have come to realise that the dots always connect to each other to form a final picture that I love to look at and drive through it until it becomes something that I can touch and feel.

I’ve decided to buy a second camera to travel with. Surfing through eBay, I couldn’t come up with any good deals and so decided to try in Gumtree, a place similar to Craiglist in America. The deal here is always face to face, in a sense. Here I discovered that somebody was selling a camera that I was interested in buying, for a reasonably good price. After sending and receiving a couple of emails, with the seller, I met him yesterday to close the deal, in his home here in Sydney, a beautiful place.

After being welcomed into his lounge, I was stunned by three photos hanging on the wall, from Fez Morocco

Fez | Morocco | Middle East | NORTH AFRICA | ©rianlloyd.com


This photos are like the ones you see in a National Geographic Magazine, and by the fact by then I realise that Ian is one of these photographers.

Here is a snapshot of his about page in his website:

Canadian born Ian Lloyd studied photography at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York and Brooks Institute in California before working as a photographer for four years in New Zealand and Australia. In 1980 he moved to Singapore to become the managing director of the Apa Photo Agency.

He formed his own company, R. Ian Lloyd Productions in 1983 and has since photographed 36 books on Asia and Australia. His photography has appeared in magazines such as National Geographic, Time, Fortune, Gourmet and Conde Nast Traveler and multinational companies as diverse as ExxonMobil, Pepsi, Motorola and Singapore Airlines have commissioned Ian forcommercial photography assignments.

He has won numerous awards for his work and in 2000, a retrospective exhibition of his photography over the past 20 years toured six Asian cities under the sponsorship of the National Geographic Channel, Kodak and Canon.

In 2007 Ian photographed and published STUDIO: Australian Painters on the Nature of Creativity a 284 page book on 61 of Australia’s top painters along with a DVD and a travelling photographic exibition.


At the end of the day, I bought the camera and I bought the opportunity to see and connect the dots… I can now see clearly why I love to travel so much and being able to see work like Ian has produced, makes me wonder how I’m going to move from now on into our two year trip to South America… There is a lot of work in it, but for sure now I can see the final line for the first part of this race.

I want to thank Ian for giving me inspiration. when you get precious time from somebody you get inspired. he gave me that.




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