365PROJECT – 169 David Alan Harvey

Art Gallery of New South Wales, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA 2012 May

20mm – f4 – 1/50 – iso2500.


David Alan Harvey, iconic photographer and Magnum member has a four-decade journey with National Geographic. He  had contributed over 40 articles to National Geographic, receiving the Magazine Photographer of the Year Award and joining Magnum Photos in 1997.

gastontrussi365PROJECT – 169 David Alan Harvey

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  • Stephen Godfrey - May 19, 2012 reply

    cool man, how was the talk?

    Gaston Trussi - May 21, 2012 reply

    Hey Stephen,

    The talk was good, although he had to rush through it as he was getting short in time. Today I went to Paddington, ACP, to see his work. Amazing photos!

    Hope you are all good mate



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