365PROJECT – 089 Nathan

Nathan Yazbek ~ Salon Yazbek, Neutral Bay ~ Sydney ~ Australia 2012

Canon EOS 50D ~ EF35mm f/1.4L USM ~ Manual ~ f2.8 ~ 1/400 ~ iso800


Far from being a hair fashionista, I’ve stumbled upon a bunch of hairdressers, back in Argentina, between New Zealand and here now in Australia.
You know by “macho fact” that a man shouldn’t be  cutting his hair apart from the family barber around the corner, but let me tell you that breaking this tabu of “what my friends are going to think” you’ll discover things that is very hard to step back…
For me, having my hair “styled” here,  has been a experience and not just a trim.

I’ve never experienced a face, neck and shoulder massage, with aromatherapy oils,  before my hair is cut. Hands massaged??? really??? these are just a few thing that you’ll experience in this place… Personally, I believe that there is a big difference between just a job, and when people love what they do as an art… If you are a woman, I think I don’t have to convince you to go and find out for yourself… If you are a man, please wait for your partner to give you this as a present for your birthday…

Thanks so much to the team at Salon Yazbek for over delivering with your service… when people do what they really love, is the best way to help move humanity forward

Thanks   Nathan, Sue, Kristine and Charles

Check Salon Yazbek here or go to their facebook page here



Here’s the raw photo before editing….

Before edition




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