365PROJECT – 015 Dean

gastontrussi365PROJECT – 015 Dean

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  • Marce - December 17, 2011 reply

    jajaja, estas fotos me encantaron!!!

  • Dean bro - December 17, 2011 reply

    thanky you so much for the photos bro! and the girl symbol was a logo for a skate brand. and ‘mariano’ was just an imitation of ‘mario’. probably for copyright law.

    Gaston Trussi - December 17, 2011 reply

    Thank you Dean for your time… A friend just was saying something about Guy Mariano, the skater… I’ll be emailing you with some more info, so we can meet up again for more photos. I’m working on that now.
    Take care

  • Hernan santini - December 17, 2011 reply

    muy buenas fotos!
    guy Mariano es un skater que corre para la marca girl (la del signo de bano de mina) por eso la remera!

    Gaston Trussi - December 17, 2011 reply

    Gracias Hernan, ahí estuve mirando un par de vídeos en Youtube… la tiene muy clara!
    Como andas las cosas por alla ((??)) BA o somewhere else?

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