Eric Kim | Workshop | Sydney | Australia

I first heard about Eric when he was interview by Ibarrionex Perello “The Candid Frame Podcast” episode #118, if you are interested on listening to. A few weeks later he was interviewed again by Victor Caijao in The Typical Shutterbug Podcast episode #33.

It doesn’t take so long to trust this guy, because is his heart who is talking.

I don’t know you, but I’ve been hearing this a lot. People getting laid off at work, and soon after they find their  purpose on life. Eric is one of them, he found himself immerse in this street world that he already loved it, and thanks to the support of his family, he moved forward with his dream of becoming a full time Street Photographer.


When I first read in his facebook page about the workshop coming here in Sydney, after a finishing reading the post I’ve already decided to attend. I didn’t know much I cared about street photography, but I definitely sure how much I wanted to meet him. I know that in 100 years from now he’s going to be remembered as the person who connected the dots in between street photography and community. I’ve started to have a sense on being present, and appreciate the time now as unique, and be able to identify this amazing people and try to share time with them and suck up on their knowledge, is becoming a must to for me.

After  I re-listened Ibarrionex’s interview on Eric, I’ve found more and more things in common, not just only with me but with the world in general. One of them is understanding how the universe works and put things together. How he was able to follow up on his dream, put the necessary hard work and keep evolving. I shared the same experience about Eric’s opinion on the movie “Midnight in Paris”  by Woody Allen, and how important is living the right now and not in the past, and how the majority of us have the same feeling that things were better before.

I was expecting a weekend only workshop, but as he stayed in Sydney for a whole week, he invited everybody to call him on the phone if they were out shooting. He over delivered by making himself available to anybody who wanted to continue learning after the workshop. This is in my opinion what makes you a different and successful person.

You connect with people’s souls not with their craft. If the work of an artist is not reflected with his soul, it’s more likely you are going to get bored and lose interest in their work.




one I’m fighting against right now is knowing that in ten years I’m not going to regret for the gear I didn’t buy but I will be so regretful for the things I didn’t create. Gaston May 2012


thanks eric to introduce me to street photo and bring me in one more time into twitter



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