365PROJECT – 360 Pollo

Barda del Medio – Rio Negro – Argentina 2012 – 10mm – f5.6 – 1/4000 – iso400.

I met Pollo way before I was interested in photography, we first got to know each other through rugby.
In 2008 I moved to New Zealand to play rugby, to work and learn English and in 2009 I bought my first DSRL camera and I went crazy with photography, so much so, that I started to look at everything as a photographic opportunity. One day I was looking through photos on Flickr and came across some photos of a guy under the name “Vargas”, I was amazed at how vibrant the colours in all the photos were! A few months later I discover that Vargas was Pollo Olivera, the same guy I knew from rugby.
It was crazy to know that such a talent was so close to me and I never knew about it. We chatted here and there online about photography, but finally after 5 years we had the opportunity to met again, now the topic was not rugby but photography…

The next day me and my wife got to experience for ourselves being in the focus of Pollo’s lens, normally very shy in front of the camera, we felt at ease. This is something I really hope to improve on in the future with my photography, for some people it is scary enough having your picture taken not knowing where you are supposed to look and what you are supposed to do. It makes a huge difference when the person behind the camera is confident and someone you can trust in directing you the right way.

Thanks Pollo!

121126 _365_360_Pollo_Olivera_0001

gastontrussi365PROJECT – 360 Pollo

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  • Edek sobol - December 2, 2012 reply

    Fantastic work !!! Realmente una mirada diferente de lo cotidiano…….eso es Hacer fotos !!

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