3 thoughts on “365PROJECT – 046 Albert”

  1. Hi,

    Can you please contact me, I would like to have some information how to contact Mr. Albert Muller. It is really urgent and I am searching him for a long time.

    Kindly regards,


    1. Hi Mathilda,

      Sorry I don’t actually have any contact details for him, I can only tell you that this photo was taken around February 2012 at the Lowenbrau Restaurant in The Rocks, Sydney Australia.
      Im not sure, but perhaps if he frequented this place your best chance could be sending them an email with this photo and ask if they know of him? here is their website, they have several restaurants in sydney but I met him at ‘The Rocks’ restaurant. http://www.lowenbrau.com.au/

      Wish you all the best of luck!


  2. Hi Gaston,

    Thank you so much for your quickly reply on my question. I will contact the restaurant, thank you very much for your information. Did you made the photo yourself ? You do not know him personally I think ? Well anyway thank you very much for your help and hope someone of the restaurant can help me. And if you by accident meet him again, please let him contact the restaurant than, I leave my contact details with them.
    Thanks a lot and best wishes,

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